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Sustainable Business Practices for San Diego Landlords

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Going green is not just a trend. It is a lifestyle commitment that many real estate investors are adopting to ensure the future quality of the environment – and something that has increasingly become important to all San Diego residents. Nooren Apartment Investments offers many effective ideas for sustainable business practices for San Diego landlords seeking to update their management approach and attract a new generation of buyers and investors.

Reducing the waste of energy and water is one of the main ways to head towards sustainability. Make sure to update the wiring, plumbing, keep track of meters and see if there are ways to streamline and reduce unnecessary usage. Recycling is also an important policy to enact and supervise in a building; by controlling waste and making sure that all trash is separated and sent to the appropriate place, you are not only streamlining trash collection but also doing a service to the community. A green San Diego apartment broker can suggest mores sustainability tips that will not only start saving you money today, but also potentially increase the value of your investment in the long term.

San Diego Landlords Seeking Sustainable Business Practices

The real estate brokerage team of Jack Nooren / Nooren Apartment Investments is proud to be an eco-conscious firm that adheres to a sustainable business approach. It is also a member of the Green Chamber of San Diego County(, and Jack Nooren is in the process of building a green LEED Certified Gold Standard home for his own personal use. Along with its numerous investment services, the firm can advise prospective buyers and investors as well as current owners on how to continue to enhance the appeal of their buildings.

To find out more about sustainable business practices for San Diego landlords, connect with the team at Nooren Apartment Investments today.

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