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Cost Segregation Services

NOOREN APARTMENT cost_seg_400 INVESTMENTS has connections with experts in the field of cost segregation.  Whether you've purchased an existing Apartment building or constructed a building from the ground up - owning real estate represents a significant investment for any business or investor.


Cost segregation is a tax deferral strategy that enables you to effectively frontload depreciation deductions into the early years of ownership.


This is accomplished by segregating the cost components of a facility into the proper asset classifications and recovery periods for federal and state income tax purposes. The end result is significantly shorter tax lives (5-, 7-, and 15-year) rather than the standard 39-year for commercial and 27.5-year for residential properties. 


We work with one goal in mind: maximizing the value for our clients.  To learn more about how our cost segregation services can increase your property cash flow please contact us.




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